It is important to contact us as soon as a stonechip/crack appears as the quicker it is dealt with the better the outcome of the repair. Water ingress, moisture and frost will all impair the repair process so the quicker the crack/stonechip is dealt with the better optically the outcome.

A small chip in your windscreen can quickly spread causing even more costly damage if left un-repaired.  Here at Boston Windscreens we have the knowledge and experience to save further damage to your screen saving you money for little outlay.

Most insurance companies will cover the entire cost of a repair and will not view it as a claim against their policy. So getting a chip checked and repaired can save both you and them money.
windcscreen crack repair

 windscreen chip It is vitally important for all motorists to maintain a defect free windscreen. Your windscreen plays a vital role in safety, accounting for up to 30% of your vehicle’s structural strength. Windscreen damage no matter how minor can compromise the structural strength of the vehicle and can reduce the effectiveness of passenger airbags of which rely, in the event of a crash, the support of the windscreen to deflect and embrace the occupants in a crash situation.

Important factors to bear in mind about Windscreen Repairs

1) A small chip in your windscreen can quickly spread if left un-repaired.

2) A windscreen accounts for up to 30% of the vehicle’s structural strength.

3) A chipped or cracked windscreen may cause your vehicle to fail its MOT.
screen repair Repairing a chip in a windscreen will restore its strength. The repair in most cases will be stronger than the undamaged glass. Repairs are permanent & you can even wash or drive your vehicle immediately after. We can repair a chip in almost any part of the windscreen. Heated and tinted screens are also covered by this service. It doesn’t take very long to repair a chip, on average 20-30 minutes. All our  technicians are specially trained and work complies with the British Standard guidelines relevant to windscreen repairs and we use original equipment products.

NB: If your windscreen is beyond repair and needs to be replaced, we will advise and quote you accordingly.

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